Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) is a national women’s rights organisation established in 1994 with a vision of a just and fair society where women and men equally participate in and benefit from decision making processes. FOWODE’s mission is to promote gender equality in all areas of decision making. FOWODE advocates for inclusive and just governance that gives women voice, choice and power. Furthermore, it champions women’s political consciousness and nurtures alternative and transformative leadership to shape a future that promotes social justice and strengthens collective power.

FOWODE promotes authentic civic engagement, advocates against unequal power structures and lobbies for public resources to benefit women equitably with men. FOWODE engages public institutions to raise awareness and influence decision-making and priority setting to catalyse gender transformative change. Additionally, it provides thought leadership on the advancement of gender equality in governance, budgeting and development.

FOWODE has developed a resource mobilisation strategy with the overall objective of ensuring sufficient, diversified, predictable and sustained resources. FOWODE is recruiting a capital campaign consultant to facilitate implementation of the resource mobilisation strategy.......Click on the link below to download full Consultancy advert.

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Project Evaluation & Documentation of Stories of Change for WEPE Project In Kabale, Luwero & Amuria here to download FULL ADVERT!!!